Flags and Fences

The week before Christmas, I spent some time in New Orleans with some of our African leaders, and members of our developing team in the Louisiana area. In a portion of our time together, we had time of receiving “WORDS” for one another. This blog was prompted by a visual picture I received when listening […]

The Great Transfer – Community and Mission

Jesus’ preparation for the new reality of His leaving the disciples physically sets the formation of new koininia starting with His ministry team, setting the stage for His death and resurrection and the coming of the Holy Spirit. This in turn set the foundation for His second final discourse with instructions and the Great Commission […]

While We Were Sleeping, Everything Changed

Over the 5 or 6 years leading up to our Covid-19 experience, we worked in our Church Missions around the world. Many of us were unaware of the sweeping changes occurring in the world that promised to change everything worldwide, in regard to the completion of our Great Commission Mandate. Some of these changes were: […]

For the First Time, Excuses Removed Delaying Fulfillment of the Great Commission

For the first time since Jesus gave His parting message and ascended to the Father’s right hand, conditions that limited and delayed fulfillment previously have either been removed or are being adapted to in ways that allow the penetration of the Gospel transformatively throughout the world. Let’s consider here what some of our previous barriors […]

Establishing Jesus’ Legitimate Authority

ESTABLISHING JESUS’ LEGITIMATE AUTHORITY – How He conquered Satan’s rule on our planet and how we will do our part in bringing in His Reign as rightful King. The prophet Isaiah spoke of a coming Child who would be born and then be given as a Son to the world, with government on his shoulders. […]

Identifying The Remaining Great Commission Task

Three fields of activity continue to be crucial to fulfilling the Great Commission task largely in our generation: UNREACHED PEOPLE GROUPS AROUND THE WORLD WHERE FOUNDATIONAL LEVEL ENGAGEMENT AND EARLY EVANGELISM AND DISCIPLING NEED TO BEGIN. The good news on this is that, FOR THE FIRST TIME, most of the remaining unreached peoples have now […]

Why Coalitions Are Necessary In Fulfilling The Great Commission

Consider the following propositions: JESUS DESERVES TO BE WORSHIPED AND FOLLOWED IN EVERY PLACE on this planet. He is the legitimate King, above all other authorities. As our Lord, He should receive our “ALL – OUT” efforts WITH ALL HANDS ON DECK. Only an ULTIMATE COMMITMENT will suffice. The task of evangelism and making disciples […]

Elements Needed for the Great Commission Movement

Needed elements for the Great Commission movement begin with:  A BIG ENOUGH VISION Some factors to consider: 1. God has ULTIMATE PLANS FLOWING FROM ULTIMATE LOVE.  2. When He reveals His plans to us, He wants to be understood and obeyed.  3. He factors in human weakness and doubt, as He did when Christ gave […]

A Movement of Movements

When Pastor Jill Boyonas and I visited and observed the Vision 2000 movement, led by Pastor Samuel Stephens, in India and Sri Lanka in 2006, we saw something that was new for us: Pastors and leaders from various denominations and also independent church groups, working together in a simple “coalition” model, doing evangelism/discipleship with church […]