CMC works in support of the local pastors networks, and does not depend on one particular method for evangelism and church planting, although we do get involved in some training and in providing discipling materials and Bibles for the new churches. Pastors remain free to use whatever methods seem appropriate for their setting. The “working” dynamic is leaders uniting and encouraging each other to follow strategies informed by scripture and led by the Holy Spirit. Peer support and accountability serves to keep the focus on practical evangelism and church planting. “Best practices” are shared and acted upon.

Initially, CMC staff approaches fellowships of pastors across each country, and shares with them the vision of CMC for their nation. The staff does a presentation that includes vital information of what the current state of Christianity is, and explains the method and goals CMC has to meet the challenge of evangelizing the country. CMC staff then explains the simple requirements and procedures for being a part of CMC, and if the ministerial fellowship catches the vision, the staff will initiate the group as a local network of the CMC.

The first arena of the CMC starts in the local network. Their focus is on neighborhoods within their area, and how to meet the needs they see there. The heart of CMC’s vision lies there, in each local network. From that point, local networks are organized into a provincial network, which is a larger body made of individual networks overseen by a provincial coordinator of CMC. Finally, all the networks are connected to the national network of church planters, and representatives from each network meet together on an annual basis for a CMC conference.