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CMI Peru has been established as the CMC country organization there. The main coordinator for all CMI Peru activities is Pastor Jose Linares. He and Luis Miguel Rotalde arranged meetings 2009 July-August in which Jonathan Morris and Eugene Masuda participated, communicating the CMC vision to many local pastors. Below are some photos from that visit. As a result of these meetings, CMI Peru formed.

Pastor Victor Chong had this to say: God helped us a lot during the 8 day crusade en the cities of: Huancabamba,Sondor Sondorillo ,Canchaque,Sechura in Peru. 425 people came to Christ, glory to God! ORIGINAL: Dios nos ayudó durante estos 8 días en la Cruzada en las ciudades Huancabamba,Sondor Sondorillo ,Canchaque,Sechura del Perú recibieron a Cristo 425 personas para la Gloria de Dios.


Peru, shown below


CMC's Peru Team - 2016


A few photos from the July-August 2009 meetings in Peru