CMC Team Returned from Africa

03/30/2015 – CMC Team Returned from Africa


Nine Americans worked with CMC coordinators in Ethiopia & Uganda for two weeks. We want to thank those of you who supported the trip with prayers and/or financial gifts. Your sacrifice made a huge impact as new believers were baptized and received their first Bible, churches were planted, leaders were trained, sick received medical care, and many came to know the risen Christ so will join in the celebration this Easter!

Trip Highlights from the Team

Our first week was spent in Ethiopia led by Pastor Mezgebu. We were blessed to be part of a baptism at the Awash River of around 500 new believers who were bused in from all over the region, many who had been in witchcraft since birth. It was a powerful sight to see them singing about Jesus freeing them from witchcraft, as they danced and beat on the drum. Each new believer was also given a bible in the local language. The following days, our team split in two to hold a pastors training conference and visit a school of very poor, orphaned children where we shared the gospel using the Evangecube (cube with pictures), taught them Christian songs with hand signals, and received lots of kisses from the grateful children!

Celebrating at the baptism with song and dance
We spent our second week in Uganda led by Pastor Godfrey. First we visited the school that is part of Godfrey’s church. We donated a used computer and the school was so appreciative to have their first computer. Our team went classroom to classroom teaching the Evangecube and then helped paint the school and played with the children. We saw the sanctuary that is under construction, as they are trying to raise funds to complete the building. That afternoon we traveled about four hours into the bush, where we stayed a few days to visit three villages that had no church. We brought a Ugandan doctor, nurse, and lots of medication so they could set up a free mobile clinic which was open while we did church training and school evangelism. We also held crusades, where the whole village was invited to come hear about Jesus and receive prayer.  By the time we left, a church was planted in each of those three villages, 274 people were trained in church planting and evangelism, over 400 people saw the doctor and 395 people gave their lives to Christ! Godfrey’s follow up team has distributed 130 bibles to families that will be hosting bible studies in their homes.
Top Left: Medical Clinic. Top Right: Evangecube presentation
Bottom: A new church was planted in this village after our crusade. Children walk 5 miles to the Nile River to fill water jugs because there is no local well. Would you consider helping us raise money for a well?
Please pray with us for:
Clean drinking water. This man drinks water from the Nile River and children fill their jugs to carry the long walk home. A well will improve their lives greatly and prevent waterborne disease. Cost is $4,500 so we hope to raise this soon to encourage and bless our brothers and sisters in Uganda .
Roof for Godfrey’s church/ Restoration Center in Uganda. When it rains, water pours in through the holes in the tarps and they have to cancel service. Need is $3,500.
The complete plans for this project include a counseling center for people coming out of prostitution, drugs & alcohol as well as missionary housing. They have locally raised $26,000 of the $90,000 goal.
Funds for a laptop and printer for Mezgebu, our pastor and CMC coordinator in Ethiopia.

Praise God for healing Mezgebu’s wife, Nigest (Emi), who had a bad infection and missed work for several weeks. Pray for financial provision to cover expenses for her medical treatment and their children’s dental problems.