Mission Update Nepal July 2015

07/17/2015 – Godfrey’s Trip to Nepal

July 2015
From Uganda, Godfrey Saazi traveled to Kathmandu, Nepal on May 24 for 2 weeks of ministry. He joined with five missionaries. Kathmandu, now mostly deserted because of the 7.8 earthquake on April 25 that killed thousands, is a city of 30 million gods. Godfrey observed that there is an image of a god at every corner in the streets, shops, hotel entrance, as well as almost every tree. Buddhism and Hinduism are the major religions. Christianity is less than 5 percent. The team had very fruitful ministry in the surrounding cities and villages, and hundreds found new hope in Christ!

Ministry Highlights

The team trained 68 people in church planting and evangelism using the Evangecube. At lunch they sent them out to practice. In just two days, over 700 hundred people heard the message and 417 came to Christ!  Godfrey recalls, “One of the memorable things that touched my heart was a Hindu old priest who walked into our training by accident, joined the lines as we prayed for the people, and he ended up giving his life to Christ. The next morning he brought his whole family. That was worth the reason we went to Jalupa.”

350 people attended church planting and discipleship training in Malechumu, a very isolated area with high mountains. Many walked long distances to attend. Godfrey expects that next time he goes to this village, many churches will have been started.

The team passed out rice and mosquito nets to 500 families affected by the earthquake. Many have lost their homes and live in fields with 2 to 3 families sharing a tent. The team also did networking with pastors around the area.

More Highlights

In Bilian, where homes were destroyed by the earthquake, the area chief helped the team in distribution of 600 mosquito nets to those living in tents. Having help from this area chief created a positive impact upon the small Christian community in the area and opens the door for continued spread of the gospel. In addition to evangelism training, the team also shared the gospel with a group of around 50 young people by the river, and all of them gave their lives to Christ!

The team held a Women Empowerment Conference for about 150 women.

The final mission was down a mountain, more than 6000 feet below sea level, in an old king’s palace turned into a prison. After a gospel message to 718 inmates, 612 raised their hand to repeat the sinner’s prayer and received Jesus as their lord and savior. Faces of these men turn from sorrow to bright joy by the power of the gospel.