CMC Conferences & Testimonies

10/09/2015 – CMC Conferences & Testimonies


Conferences & Testimonies

We shared the gospel with so many people, and so many of them accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior – this led to multiple healings, both physically and spiritually.
-Fernando Antonio Berrios (Nicaragua team, September) 

More than 100 CMC Provincial Coordinators and Regional Leaders will be meeting in Tagaytay City for a National Conference on October 20-24. This will be a time of sharing success stories and learning from each other so that each one will be enriched and refreshed to continue to work together to bring our vision into reality: a church in every community. International Leaders and CMC Partners are also coming to speak and give encouragement. The conference venue is:

Tagaytay Mission Camp & Conference Center
Maglabe Drive, Brgy. Asisan, Tagaytay City
The Philippine conference will be followed with a CMC International conference in Bangkok, Thailand October 27 – November 1. More than 200 participants from Asia, Africa and North and South America are expected to come. This will be a time of learning what God is doing in the nations of the world. We will also be hearing strategies and practical steps in soul winning, discipleship, church planting and multiplication that have proven successful in many parts of the world. International speakers are also coming to give encouragement.


A minimal registration fee will be charged for each participants to the Bangkok Conference. The first 150 registrants will be charged US$150. The rest will be paying US$200 each. This amount will cover for the food and dormitory lodging expense. The venue of the conference is:

Red Cross Building
Petchkasem Soi 102
Bangkhae Nuea, Bangkhae
Bangkok 10160 Thailand
If you are interested in joining CMC leaders, church workers and missionariesat this conference, contact Jill Boyonas at or Marcy Babor at

An International Conference for CMC Latin America was held in Managua, Nicaragua
September 9-11. This was followed by evangelistic outreach and crusades September 12-16. A CMC team led by Jonathan Morris worked along side local pastors and church workers to share the Gospel with unbelievers, plant new churches and strengthen existing churches.

Testimonies from Nicaragua Team

“I am very grateful to the Lord for having the opportunity of being a part of this International Conference, and for the evangelical progress that was made in different parts of Managua, Nicaragua. We shared the gospel with so many people, and so many of them accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior – this led to multiple healings, both physically and spiritually. Throughout this trip, the Lord spoke to me in a very special way. I feel very blessed and it is a privilege of being a part of CMC International, as well as being a part of the team with pastor Victor Chong and with CMC International Director Jonathan Morris.”  -Fernando Antonio Berrios

“Nicaragua is my natal country and when I got there, my feelings were mixed. From the plane I was looking at a beautiful and big country but one with a high poverty… I saw the necessity of God in their lives and at the same time, no workers in The Lord’s harvest field. Kids walking by the streets all alone. But my heart was rejoiced when I was being witness of the work that the CMC team was doing with all those souls. In a few days they shared the love of Jesus and showed them that they can have hope in the Almighty God. CMC encouraged the pastors and leaders to keep doing the work, trusting in the Lord of the harvest. And I met two pastors from Nicaragua, Rene & Cesar. They told me how CMC changed them, showing them the way to work in the Kingdom of God and gain the souls for Christ. CMC changed my life and reminded me that we all have, including me, the call to preach the gospel to every nation and every village as the Bible teaches us (Mark 16:15).”  – Nelson Mayorga