Africa Missions Update

12/27/2015 – Africa Missions Update

You can be a part of more churches being planted and more lives won to Christ in 2016!  Donations are tax-deductible.

Ethiopia Highlights

Training in Bala area in collaboration with Bala Evangelical Churches Fellowship:

  • 380 University Students and 50 Local Pastors had a 3-day training
  • Mission was in 92 cities and villages of Bala and Aresi area
  • 14,700 heard the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • 831 gave their lives to Christ

Training and Mission in Collaboration with South Omo for Christ Ministry

  • Over 300 University students and local missionaries were trained
  • 15,315 people heard the gospel
  • 3,894 people received Jesus Christ as their personal Savior

U.S. Team joined Pastor Mezgebu to unreached tribes in South Omo, Village of Bura

  • More than 200 people came to the outreach
  • 20 gave their lives to the Lord
  • Our great God healed the sick and cast out demons
37 local missionaries trained to send to unreached people groups.
Over 1,300 leaders have been trained in church planting, discipleship making, small group ministry and leadership development.
Click here for a great 3 minute video from the recent U.S. team: Jesus for South Omo, Ethiopia

Uganda Highlights

Successful mission trips October and November to Rwamwanja, Kibuku, Nabingola and Kyegegywa:

  • 1149 people gave their lives to Christ
  • 274 were baptized
  • 5 churches planted

In Kwegegwa, they dedicated the first church in the area. It was officially opened by the area chief who for the first time, confessed Jesus publicly to the amazement of all residents. In his speech, he thanked God for the church in the area, and said that with the coming of this church he expects the crime rate to go down. He made a request to CMC of starting a school and medical clinic in the area. Children walk over 13 miles to the only public school. Due of lack of medical attention, women die during child labor and children die of malaria and other related diseases. The only medical center is 25km away. If this is something that you want to contribute to or learn more about, please let us know.

Pastor Godfrey has just returned from his final trip of the year, December 15-20, to unreached people groups in Kapengulia, northwest Kenya.  Their goal was to hold pastors conferences, train disciples for evangelist outreaches and plant 3 new churches with the trainees.