What to Bring on a Mission to a Tropical Country?

If pastors from different denominations are helping each other to build a church, what is the name of the church?

The answer is found through the questions asked during the monthly network meeting. The first question is ‘What places need a church?’, second is, ‘Who is called to that place?’ and lastly, ‘How can we help you?’ The second question gives the answer. Whoever feels called to a place to plant a church is the person whose denomination the church will be; thus, the identity of the church is known before work is started.

What is the benefit of joining the coalition?

First off, you will be a part of a movement of God.

Secondly, you will be in supportive relationships with other pastors, which will encourage you and them, while offering practical help.

Thirdly, there may be small gifts provided through CMC, such as free bibles and bible study resources.

Lastly, and most importantly, you will be safeguarded against division between pastors, which have fundamentally damaged many different attempts at church-planting. You will be strengthened by monthly meetings where the pastors will strategize together and, therefore, know each other’s plans beforehand.

What is the flow of authority for a pastor in the CMC?

The CMC believes in a flow of priorities. The first priority is God, the second priority is one’s family, thirdly one’s denomination, fourthly one’s ministerial fellowship, and lastly the CMC. CMC submits to these things as top priorities, and works under such pre-established authorities in pastors’ lives.

How do we safeguard against cult teachings?

The safeguard lies with the ministerial fellowship. They are the gate keepers of their own network, and already will not allow or include certain groups or doctrines that would be opposed to the accepted evangelical doctrines. CMC approves of and follows their safeguards.