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With only 9% of the population truly Born Again and 62% of the villages not having a single Christian Church, the CMC vision of establishing a church in every village is very relevant in the Philippines.

This vision is pursued through 2 complementary ministries: Crusade Evangelism and a Cooperative Church planting Movement. In the former, teams of Missionaries from different nationalities work alongside a group of Local Pastors and hold crusade evangelism for the purpose of planting churches. This is made possible by careful selection of the crusade venue and by starting bibles studies after every evangelistic meeting. As a rule, we only do evangelistic meetings in a village where a Pastor is pioneering a new work or in a village where a local Pastor want to start a new church. Bible studies are also conducted each time we give out free bibles. From this initial bible study, several home bible studies are started.

In the latter, group of local Pastors have covenanted to unite to advance Gods kingdom and work together to evangelize and plant churches in villages that do not have a church. They also work together to train and prepare leaders to become Pastors of the churches that will be planted as well as share material, physical and financial resources in these undertakings. The CMC vision is now embraced by over 2000 Pastors who are part of the 135CMC Pastors Network (July 2009).

Jill Dativo V. Boyonas
Country Coordinator – Philippines

He is currently the Chairman of the Board and National Director of CMC Philippines. He started his full time ministry in 1994 after resigning from his job as an executive in National Steel Corporation in Iligan City Philippines. He first started his ministry as a Revivalist and Conference speaker where he saw first hand the condition of local churches and its potential to advance Gods Kingdom as it works together as a united body. In 1999, he became part of an evangelistic campaign in the Visayas region as its Crusade Director. This campaign slowly evolved to become a church planting strategy where groups of missionaries work together with local pastors to plant a church in an unchurched village through mass evangelism. These involvements have prepared him for the greater work of reaching the nation by mobilizing Pastors to plant a church in every village when CMC was formally launched last 2006.

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