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Sometimes a local pastor will have difficulty starting a church in the town or village where he has covenanted with his pastors’ network to plant a church. In such cases he may request that a visiting CMC team help him get started by conducting a crusade in that village.

  1. A basketball court is reserved for an evening in the village where the pastor wishes to plant a church. (Most villages in the Philippines have at least one basketball court.) A professional banner is made up announcing the date and time of a Christian concert, followed by prayers for healing. The banner is prominently displayed at the court.
  2. On the day of the event, sound equipment is set up and a group of musically talented young people, often from a local Christian school, begins playing Christian rock music that can often be heard throughout the village. A typical musical group may consist of a lead guitar, bass guitar, drum set, keyboard, and two or more singers.
  3. Just prior to the concert, CMC team members walk through the village handing out flyers announcing the event and personally inviting villagers to attend.
  4. The basketball court begins filling with both adults and children. Following a couple of hours of music, one CMC team member will greet the crowd, and another will give a short testimony of how God has worked in his or her life. The pastor who desires to start a church there is introduced and has the opportunity to welcome the people. Often local youth will put on a rehearsed skit with a Christian theme.
  5. The CMC team leader (using a local pastor-translator) will present the Good News of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. The pastor will then invite those who would like to make Jesus the Lord of their lives to come forward. He then leads them in a prayer professing their new faith and inviting the Holy Spirit into their hearts.
  6. New believers are then encouraged to a) pray to God the Father in Jesus’ name; b) read the Bible; c) fellowship with other believers, and; d) tell others about Jesus.
  7. The people are then invited to return the next day, at an appointed time, to sign up for a Bible class, at which time they will be given a free Bible in their own language. This is a significant incentive as people in very poor areas often cannot afford to buy a Bible.
  8. Prayer lines are formed with a CMC team member at the head of each line along with an interpreter to communicates the individual’s prayer request. Those who receive healing are encouraged to go up to the microphone and tell what God did for them. Prayer results at these crusades vary, from a handful of people announcing healings to, on more than one occasion, everyone in the prayer lines receiving healing!
  9. The next day, CMC team members, and the local pastor who desires to plant a church, will be there to greet and welcome those who come to sign up for a Bible study. The turn-out is often very gratifying. Bible classes are started, and the new church has begun!

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