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Southeast Asia

In this ancient south Asian country, tribal people groups responded to the Gospel in the last century while the dominant ethnic group has remained

mostly unreached for Christ. Generally, people from the main group are very reluctant to receive the Gospel from the tribes people, even if they admire them or are appreciative of their practical help. Our teams partner with tribal believers to present the good news to these mostly Buddhist neighbors and friends who need to know Christ.

Here’s how it works: Tribal evangelists and church-planting pastors arrange in advance for the neighbors to be invited into a home where a planned church will meet. Two or more American team members will greet these guests there and spend several hours presenting the story of God’s salvation, usually beginning with the creation story, along with a native interpreter. Then the people are given an opportunity to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Those that receive the Gospel become the beginning of the church that will meet in that home. The churches are semi-underground, as their totalitarian government discourages Christian faith. In spite of the difficulties, many are coming to faith in Christ

and some are boldly working to push forward the Gospel. We trust God will continue to guide us and give us greater opportunities to reach this unreached people group for His Glory.

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