We have again seen and experienced the Hand of God move this year as we continue to pursue the Vision and Goals of CMC:

VISION: A Church in every Community


1. To present the Lordship of Christ to Everyone

2. To plant a Church within walking distance of every Believer

3. To bring true revival in Churches, Leaders and Believers

Fifteen (15) crusade teams came to minister this year. Four (4) came to Luzon, 10 came to the island of Panay in the Visayas and 1 went to Mindanao.

These teams ministered to a total crowd of 98,826 during the nightly evangelistic campaigns in the villages and daytime visits to schools, jails, hospital, and markets. About 84% of those ministered (82,366) responded to the call for salvation and prayed the sinners’ prayer.

A total of 833 bible studies were started from these crusades. In a few months, these home bible studies will eventually be merged into groups and become village churches.

Forty (40) new churches was started in villages that have decided to study the bible and worship together as one group instead of holding separate home bible studies.


1. Ray Hickman 10,231 8,255 3,647 85 3
2. Dave Wright 5,658 4,072 3,212 36 4
3. Shirley Terris 6,239 5,003 3,305 42 1
4. Wesley Kincaid 4,794 3,959 3,098 62 2
5. Ray Hickman 5,142 3,774 2,654 44 2
6. Bruce Kinabrew 13,269 12,612 5,020 51 2
7. Andrew Beltz 7,516 2,579 4,110 19 5
8. Richard Gunsoluz 5,972 5,724 1,270 43 2
9. Richard Burton 7,450 6,915 4,016 82 2
10. Art Defenderfer 1,726 1,306 1,376 130 3
11. Wendi Moen 3,962 3,295 3,202 56 5
12. Mike Tyrell 627 450 297 12 1
13. Chad Carlson 9,850 9,360 3,062 76
14. Christian Shelton 10,316 9,596 2,950 43 1
15. Chris Hawes 6,074 5,466 2,677 52 7
TOTALS 98,826 82,366 43,896 833 40


We continue to see the healing power of God manifested with about 50-70% of those prayed for testifying to having received their emotional and physical healing in the nightly crusade.

In addition, the crusade evangelism has resulted to:

  1. Revival of Churches, Leaders and Believers as they see and become part of what God did in their village,
  2. Restoration of Backsliders
  3. Closer Unity among Pastors and Believers
  4. Concrete steps to evangelize the remaining villages as they form CMC Networks and covenanted to work together to continue the work of evangelism and Church Planting.

The crusade statistics over the last 5 years is given below:

2006 8 81,767 57,820 33,095 530 14
2007 9 122,830 90,303 43,982 1,332 100
5-Year Statics
Nov 2007 Nov 2008 Oct 2009 Dec 2010 Dec 2011
CMC Networks 37 97 149 265 293
Church Planted 58 283 579 1191 1422
Pastors Involved 555 1455 2235 3975 4395
Provinces Covered 8 19 33 45 51
% of Province 10% 24% 41% 56% 64%
Luzon 0 2 24 45 47
Visayas 28 48 67 101 119
Mindanao 9 47 58 119 127
Total 37 97 149 265 293
Luzon 0 7 22 49 75
Visayas 52 159 407 779 908
Mindanao 6 117 148 363 435
Total 58 283 579 1191 1422

More Info

In 2011, CMC has continued to grow in terms of membership, area coverage and churches planted:

1. We now have a total membership of 4395 Pastors in our networks from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao..

2. Twenty eight (28) new networks were added to our movement bringing the total number of CMC Networks to 293

3. We have opened networks in six (6) new provinces bringing our presence in 64% of the provinces.

4. Two hundred thirty one (231) new churches were planted this year bringing the total number of churches planted since CMC was started (2007-2011) to 1422.

It is interesting to know that based on the report of PCEC (Phil. Council of Evangelical Churches), 3,000 new churches were planted in villages that used to have no church over the last 5 years.

Having planted 1422 new churches under the church planting movement plus 219 new churches in our evangelistic campaign (for a total of 1641 new churches), we can safely say that CMC have made substantial contribution to the church planting effort in the Philippines.

This becomes more interesting if we consider that there are over 60,000 Pastors in the Philippines. With only 4395 Pastors in our networks, we in CMC only represent 7% of the total number of Pastors in the country yet we have contributed substantially to the church planting effort in un-churched villages over the last 5 years.


CMC have also grown in many ways this year.

1. PCEC Membership

We have been formally inducted as a member of PCEC (Philippine Evangelical Churches of the Philippines), the umbrella organization of all evangelical churches in the nation. Our membership in this organization will give us access to all mainline and independent churches and will also help our movement in many ways.

2. New Networks

We are also continuing to link arms with like-minded ministries recognizing the exponential power of unity. In addition to our existing partnership with CPI (Church Planting Institute), Aglow International, Bible League and other ministries, we have also formalized our partnership with MBM (Micro Business Mentors), One Hope International, LAMP (Love Asia Missions Partner) and E3 (Equip, Evangelize, Establish).

MBM is a Christian organization that seeks to bring economic transformation in poor villages by training the people to become responsible entrepreneurs and granting interest free micro-loans.

One Hope (used to be Book of Hope) is distributing reading and other materials to transform the minds and life of the youth through the book they are giving and small group discussions.

LAMP seeks to mobilize missionaries and nationals to work together to bring the whole of Asia to Jesus.

E3 are helping churches and leaders to Evangelize their nation, Establish Christians and churches and Equip them for evangelism and church planting.

3. CMC Asia

Last year (2010), in partnership with CMC International and Love Asia Missions Partners, we started our plan to extend CMC to other Asian nations with a consultation meeting with some key leaders in Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. We did a follow up visit this year and during this visit we have started 5 CMC Networks in Vietnam, 4 Networks in Cambodia and have set up a CMC Advisory Council in Thailand. We have also helped a partner ministry, E3 in establishing over 30 Pastors network in India.

During its development stage, the CMC of these nations needs our help. We will devote some of our time in the coming years to empower them. You can also help us in any of the following:

  1. Participate or bring crusade teams (to some nations who are open to this type of ministry) and work with local CMC networks to plant churches.
  2. Conduct trainings or seminars on evangelism and church planting or hold conferences to talk about and reinforce the 5 Pillars of CMC namely: Vision, Unity, Discipleship, Stewardship and Servant Leadership.
  3. Financial help in our travels to these nations, bibles for new believers and roofing subsidy for new churches. Platforms such as feeding program, water wells and the like are also needed as an important component to gain entry and plant a church in some villages. You can also help financially in this area.

We will continue to expand our work in Asia. We will be going to Malaysia and Indonesia February of next year and from there proceeds to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

4. Expansion of Scope

As we seek to forcefully advance God’s Kingdom, we realize that we cannot just confine the work of CMC to planting village churches. Some who believe in the vision and goals of CMC have jumped the fence and started planting churches in non-traditional locations. Churches were planted in ships, prison house, and even in Muslim homes.

  • Four (4) Churches were planted in ships with the Ship Captain leading the group as Pastors
  • At least 2 Churches were started in prisons. A Discipleship program is also conducted to prepare the inmates to become church planters when they are released from prison. At least 2 churches have been planted by released inmates.
  • Ten (10) house churches are going on in Muslim communities.

Because of this expansion in scope, we are changing the Vision of CMC from “A Church in Every Village” to “A Church in Every Community” with community defined as a group of people in any location who have decided to study the Bible and Worship the Lord together at least once a week.

Once more thank you for our Partnership. I am looking forward to working with you again in 2012 and even in the years to come. Let us continue to work together to forcefully advance Gods Kingdom through evangelism and church planting. God bless you all.

Jill Boyonas