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CMC teams work in Uganda to evangelize and help develop churches. In both rural and city settings, we hold campaigns designed to help native east African Christians extend the Kingdom of God. Thousands have found true faith in Christ and many churches have been developed as a result of this new developing partnership with African Christians.We are partnering with a strong local evangelist team and developing pastors’ groups through our Church Multiplication Coalition organization. CMC is helping to train and empower the Ugandan pastors. These emerging leaders will become the core of our work: Partnering for evangelism and discipleship in these strategic areas on the borders of the Muslim World.

Godfrey Mwesige Saazi
Country Coordinator

Pastor Saazi Mwesige Godfrey, is the founder/Director of Grace Out-reach Ministries Uganda and senior pastor Life Tabernacle Worship Centre Kiwafu-Kansanga. Married to Edith with 11 children. Has been serving the Lord since 1987. From 1987 – 1992 Godfrey worked under Africa Village outreach, then joined Mbuya bible College for 2 years 1993 -1994. After college founded Grace Out-reach Ministries, with the vision of mobilizing force to reach the unreached rural communities in Africa.

Grace Out-reach Ministries has planted over 60 churches in rural villages. He has traveled to African countries including: Rwanda, Burundi, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, DRC and southern Sudan.

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