Upcoming Missions

Upcoming Missions





January  17-21

CMC International and GOMI worker 


Evaluation Strategic planning and commissioning of new workers


February 19-25

Passion4 Nations

Partners meeting and west African P4N  summit Planning


March  19-31

CMC international

East African team

Discipleship, Soul winning and church planting

Tanzania Zanzibar

May 22-27

CMC international

South / Central African team

Church planting ,Crusade evangelism


May 28-11 June

Passion4 Nations

West African Summit , crusade evangelism, Discipleship

West Africa

June 25-8 July

CMC International

Crusade evangelism, Church planting , medical mission

Uganda   Kenya

August 4-14

Led By the Spirit Mission Puerto Rica

Discipleship Community service and crusade evangelism


August 24-31

CMC International

African team

Soul winning discipleship training


October 1-14

CMC International

African team

Soul winning discipleship training

Congo , Burundi, Rwanda

November 16-18December

All African teams

Follow-up and evaluation of the years activities

All country that was reached

September 10-20

Marcy Babor with CMC team 

Crusade evangelism and training 


CMC Phils/Asia 2018 schedule

Jan 25-Feb 2 Dave Wright- Feb 3conference 

Feb 7-17 Brian/Charity Callis

Feb 20-26.  Paul/Kristi

Feb 23-24 Nsc reunion 

Feb 28-Mar 8 Shirley Terris

Mar 11-22 Amy V/Jeremy D

March 26-Apr 4 All Star Team

Apr 6-11 Paul/Kristen d Arpa

Apr 18-26   Malaysia 

May 2-8      Dubai

May 9-14   Doha

June 1-7 Faith Coffman (tentative)

June 9-18 Andrew Beltz

June 20-28 Juno Florida team 

Jun 29-July 6 Powell Lemons

July 8-16. Rob Boswell

July 20-28 RICHARD Burton 

Aug 1-9 JOSEPH Lindvall