The Great Transfer – Community and Mission

Jesus’ preparation for the new reality of His leaving the disciples physically sets the formation of new koininia starting with His ministry team, setting the stage for His death and resurrection and the coming of the Holy Spirit. This in turn set the foundation for His second final discourse with instructions and the Great Commission Mandate after the Resurrection at His Ascension to God the Father.


OF OLIVES near Jerusalem, where His triumphal march into the nearby city had just occurred, and the Garden of Gethsemane, where He would soon agonize in prayer on the way to the cross.

In the Olivet setting He accomplished many things, explained new ground rules for community, dealt with a traitor In their midst, gave a New Commandment, revealed a NEW COVENANT, initiated the practice of taking communion and foot washing during their Passover meal, and taught the Disciples to pray directly to The Father as He was accustomed to doing. He also encouraged them to expect the imminent coming of the Holy Spirit and explained why it was necessary for Him to leave, paving the way for even greater works to be done By the disciples following his departure. His discourse ended with a high priestly Intercessory prayer, shown In John 17:

18-20, in which He prayed for all of us who would continue His movement based on practical and observable unity and perceived actions joined together.

The full account of the Olivet discourse Is chronicled in John chapters 13 through 17, and is best read as a continuous narrative. I recently have focused mostly on the Great Commission Mandate, as shown in Mark i’6 and Matthew 28, but now want to emphasize the foundational nature of the retreat gathering on the mount. The community is a foundation for the commission.

Some of my colleagues have expressed discomfort with focusing exclusively on the great commission task, while the condition of the church worldwide seems to diminish the Great

Commission message. I hold to the idea that, overwhelmingly, our world has greatly benefitted from Christian Ministry for 2000+ years We could have done better, but the movement that Jesus started continues and, recently, shows signs of great increase in new Holy Spirit initiated movements.

A return to the simplicity of the Gospel and authentic Christianity are observable around the globe. A KINGDOM optimism is appropriate as we seek revival and renewal in the church, and implement strategies to advance His plans, so that the True lordship of Jesus will be realized more and more, His life revealed in the nations, and God our Father worshiped in every village.

As stated before, our main obstacles are in our own unbelief. This can be remedied in our generation.

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