Flags and Fences

The week before Christmas, I spent some time in New Orleans with some of our African leaders, and members of our developing team in the Louisiana area. In a portion of our time together, we had time of receiving “WORDS” for one another. This blog was prompted by a visual picture I received when listening to God, regarding a pastor from Uganda. I saw him with a flag or pennant in his hand, while walking alongside a simple ranch-type fence. I told him that I believed he was now working to expand Kingdom territory by claiming new places, figuratively pounding stakes topped with pennant-type flags in the ground and then building simple fences on the border edges of the land designated for Kingdom work.

Flags show Jesus’s conquest of other powers in legitimate rulership of the land:

Purchased by His own blood.

Verified by His Father once and for all in the resurrection’s victory.

Revealed in declarations of Kingdom reality through preaching of Christ’s legitimate claim to worldwide authority. “All power is given to me in heaven and on earth” Matthew 28:18.

In Paul’s writing, there are numerous declarations of Jesus’ legitimate authority, demonstration of that authority on earth, and progressive nature of the rule of Christ working with His church until the time of absolute reign on earth, revealed in passages like 1 Corinthians 15:24-28.

The second feature of my visual picture I received when listening to God was the fence, which is specifically related to our recent work in the nation of Uganda when some land was donated by local chiefs to our ministry, with the stipulation that a simple fence be put up that defined the borders of the acreage while giving some protection and warning to those wanting to enter and cause harm. Many of the other needs on the property, such as shelter and facilities for meetings could not be supplied by the fence, but it is “JUST ENOUGH” to allow for the development of other infrastructure in the dedicated area.


Define outline of “VISION.”

Exclude some enemies and distractions followed by building fences.

“JUST ENOUGH” thinking may be critical in allowing movements to develop. Recently, after my reflection on Flags and Fences, I heard a YouTube dialogue between John Ruttkay and Ron Juncal during which pennant type flags were referenced – a confirmation.

The energy in a movement comes by hunger for God and is activated by powerful works of the Holy Spirit, along with a God-given VISION. Fences provide “JUST ENOUGH” vision and protection, allowing for powerful infrastructure and activities to develop, without the control activities that cause movements to become denominations. Territory is opened up by prayer, “OPENING” miracles, and the beginning of simple discipling in groups that are established. A flag is put in the earth.

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