Flags and Fences

The week before Christmas, I spent some time in New Orleans with some of our African leaders, and members of our developing team in the Louisiana area. In a portion of our time together, we had time of receiving “WORDS” for one another. This blog was prompted by a visual picture I received when listening […]

For the First Time, Excuses Removed Delaying Fulfillment of the Great Commission

For the first time since Jesus gave His parting message and ascended to the Father’s right hand, conditions that limited and delayed fulfillment previously have either been removed or are being adapted to in ways that allow the penetration of the Gospel transformatively throughout the world. Let’s consider here what some of our previous barriors […]

A Movement of Movements

When Pastor Jill Boyonas and I visited and observed the Vision 2000 movement, led by Pastor Samuel Stephens, in India and Sri Lanka in 2006, we saw something that was new for us: Pastors and leaders from various denominations and also independent church groups, working together in a simple “coalition” model, doing evangelism/discipleship with church […]